Valve Guides For All Models

Valve Guides For All Models

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Valve Guides For All Harley Davidson Models

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C630 Nickel/Bronze

C630 Is A Blend Of Copper, Nickel, And Aluminum. The High Copper Content Gives Excellent Thermal Qualities, The Nickel Makes The Guides Tough And Wear Resistant, And The Aluminum Brings Work Hardening Characteristics. This Bonze Alloy Allows For Tighter Clearances Than Other Materials, Creating Better Valve And Seat Sealing, As Well As Superior Control. The Expansion Qualities Of C630 Bronze Make It Especially Compatible With Aluminum Cylinder Heads.

Cast Iron

Kpmi R & D Has Produced A Proprietary Cast Iron Blend That Thrives In The Tough Operating Conditions Of Today'S Engine. Kpmi'S Certified Cast Iron Provides Excellent Wear Resistance And A Superior Guide Bore Finish That Is Easy On Valve Stems.


These Engine Builder Valve Guides Have Been Designed With The Price Conscious Builder In Mind. Expect The Same Exacting Kpmi Tolerances, But With A Reduced Toughness/Wear-Ability When Compared To The Premium C360 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Valve Guides. The Softer Manganese Guides Are Easily Reamed And Then Can Be Delicately Finished With Our High Quality Ball Tones. Now, With Any Battery Operated Or Electric Drill You Can Ream And Hone Manganese Valve Guides In Less Time And In The Absence Of Expensive Honing Equipment Required To Properly Size "Tough" C360 Guides.

Superior Airflow

Guide Profiles Are Designed To Have As Little Effect On The Airstream As Possible While Maintaining Critical Cross Sectional Thickness In High Temperature Areas. Promoting Both High Performance And Endurance.

Tight Tolerances

High Concentricity Tolerances Are Held To Insure The Best Possible Geometry Between The Seat And Guide Is Maintained When The Guides Are Replaced. This Means Minimal Material Removal From The Seat, Time Savings, And Consistent Chamber Volumes When Valve Jobs Are Performed.
Manganese Intake Valve Guide
.002 Size O.D.
Fits Big Twin 61Ci & 74Ci 1948/1977 (.5655" Std O.D.)
By: Kibblewhite Precision Machine